RingedUp.com: New local wedding website

There’s a new, Northwest-based wedding website devoted to helping engaged couples find quality vendors in their backyards? Shut up and take my money. 

Oh, that’s right, they already did.

I’m so excited that Lemonade Photography got in on the ground floor of the amazing new website RingedUp.com, a resources for local couples to find photographers, videographers, venues, florists, officiants, coordinators, DJ, makeup artists and more in their area. I’ve been playing around with the new website for a few weeks now, and I only have one thing to say: Where was RingedUp.com when I was planning my wedding? 

You can search for vendors by category. You can search by location (dreaming of a Bellingham wedding?). You can search by keyword. You can search by photo style. Narrow down your options whatever way you choose, and then spend time perusing the detailed vendor listings, photo galleries and maps. 

For example! Looking for a photographer in Bremerton? That’s easy: Just type “Bremerton” into the search bar on the homepage. Voila:

Hey, first listing! How did that get there?

Click on a vendor listing and check out extensive photo galleries, vendor profiles, pricing guides and more. From that page, it’s so easy to visit the vendor’s website or find an email or phone number to contact them. It’s completely free to search and contact a vendor, too. 

Overwhelmed by the number of choices? Narrow down photographers and videographers by style. If you like bright, colorful, airy images, click on “Light & Airy” or “Colorful.” Prefer something a little darker? “Dark & Moody” and “Dramatic” will get you the impactful vibe you’re looking for. For the record, if I must decide on a style, Lemonade Photography’s photos are Light & Airy, Colorful, Dramatic and Photojournalism. Do those things even go together? Sure, why not. 

There are also classified listings to post jobs for vendors – lay out your date, specific needs, style preferences and budget and let the vendors come to you. 

The website designers say one of the coolest features is coming soon: A site-wide photo gallery with searchable tags. You’ll be able to find your venue in the photo gallery, and thanks to the tags, you’ll know which photographers have worked there before! Super handy if you want to hire someone with experience at your venue. 

So check out my profile on RingedUp.com, and start looking for your Northwest wedding vendors today!

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