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Meet Jill

Hi! That’s me on the left, behind the huge camera (I really do have a face). I got my start in journalism as a writer and reporter for small newspapers – and when you work for a small paper, you’re often asked to pick up a camera and do your own photography. To my surprise, I discovered a talent I didn’t know I had. I left journalism for public relations a few years later, and became a writer and photographer for a local university. And when my PR job was reduced to half-time in an economic downturn, I decided to turn some pretty sour lemons into Lemonade Photography.  

I’m an almost-lifelong Washington resident (those three years in Oregon barely count, right?), raised in West Seattle. Now I live in Bremerton with my wonderful husband and two energetic sons, my mother-in-law and two cats who ignore me unless it’s meal time. I love to read, bake and sew. My guilty pleasures are coffee, chocolate and shouting the answers to TV game show questions. I used to teach ballet and tap dancing to toddlers. Don’t even think about challenging me to a Harry Potter trivia match; you will lose. I am a devoted Apple junkie (don’t ask me about my Apple Watch because I WILL bore you to tears talking about it) and Nikon shooter for life. The right lens of my glasses is always smudged up from the camera. I will try to make every couple laugh at least once while I’m taking their wedding portraits. 

About Lemonade Photography

Lemonade Photography was launched in 2009 to provide quality, affordable photography services for clients all over the Pacific Northwest. With nearly a hundred weddings completed and hundreds more family, baby and portrait photo shoots, Lemonade Photography offers all the experience and talent of a seasoned photographer – without the price tag to go along with it. 

My shooting style is light, airy, crisp and colorful, with minimal posing and intrusion so all my subjects look relaxed, comfortable and candid in the final image.  My clients love their photos, but they rave most about my laid-back and comfortable shooting style and practiced, professional ability to work with everyone and make sure your wedding photography experience is stress-free. I want you to have fun, to forget you’re even posing for a photographer and, most of all, to receive stunning images that remind you of the day you pledged your love forever. I offer reasonable prices, fully customizable packages and unforgettable digital photos, books and canvas prints.

Additional photographers

Most Lemonade Photography packages come with one photographer only, saving clients money. However, upon request, I can bring in a second photographer to help cover your wedding. The photographers I work with are carefully selected and shoot with a similar style, and are just as fun to work with as I am! Learn more about my second shooters on their websites: Cordial Photos by Holly Cordial, and Irby Photos by Sarah Irby

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out if you’re available on my wedding day? Check my availability calendar.

What are your prices? Standard package prices are always available on my pricing page

What comes with my wedding package? All wedding packages include high-resolution digital photos, transferred online, and a signed release giving you full printing and distribution rights. Prints, photo books and wall art are available for an additional cost. 

Will there be any surprise costs after the wedding? Nope! You get everything you need to print your own photos, however and wherever you want. 

How far in advance should I book with you? For weddings, I recommend booking at least 6 months in advance, before my calendar fills up, especially if you’re getting married on a summer Friday or Saturday. However, I usually have a handful of dates open for last-minute bookings; check my availability calendar for your date! I accept bookings up to 2 years in advance. I will not take bookings if your wedding date and venue are not confirmed. 

How do I start my booking? Get in touch! Email me at info@lemonadephotography.com or call me at 360-286-4394 to schedule your consultation. 

What happens at the consultation? I’ll show you a portfolio of my favorite images from almost a decade of shooting weddings, and discuss my shooting style and how I approach wedding management. I’ll have lots of questions about your wedding day schedule, venues, setup and other details. Come prepared to talk about the details of your wedding and what you want from a wedding photographer. If you’re ready to move ahead, we can go over package options, sign a contract and finalize the booking with a deposit right there. 

What are your payment terms? I require a non-refundable 50% deposit toward your package price. Your balance can be paid in installments or in one payment; the final payment is due by the day of your session (for photo sessions) or 10 days before your wedding. 

Why is the deposit so high? A deposit locks in your rate and booking, and helps prevent both the client and the photographer from cancelling the booking on a whim. Like all wedding vendors, photographers must protect their time and resources. By accepting a wedding booking, I’m removing a date from my availability calendar and therefore preventing myself from earning any more money that day. If I accept a wedding in good faith and the couple cancels late in the process, I’ll probably be unable to fill that open slot in time and would lose my income for that day. With a non-refundable deposit, at least I recoup part of my losses. 

Are there any circumstances under which you would refund the deposit? Of course. I consider requests for deposit refunds on a case-by-case basis, and have refunded deposits for cancellations due to military transfers, deaths in the family and other circumstances beyond the couple’s control. I would also consider refunding a deposit for events that are cancelled more than 6 months ahead. 

What equipment do you bring to a wedding? I shoot with two Nikon D750s and a range of prime and zoom lenses. While I prefer to shoot with natural light when possible, I always bring battery-operated, remotely-triggered flashes to set up on stands around the room, just in case the ambient light isn’t enough. I’m also prepared to shoot outdoors in the rain with a couple of pretty umbrellas and rain covers for my cameras.

Do you have a studio for family and portrait shoots? I do not have a studio, but I have all the equipment to set up lights and backdrop for portraits in your home. 

Do you sell prints? I offer photo books, canvas and other print products through a third-party printer, Miller’s Professional Imaging. Their work is high-quality and professional, and they produce and deliver books and prints within a few days of ordering. 

How many photos will I get? That depends on a number of factors: The length of the wedding, the location and lighting, how many different activities are packed into an event, etc. A very general estimate if you’re hiring Lemonade for a wedding or event: Expect at least 50 images per hour of shooting. I frequently send clients way more than that, but it’s a good place to start.

But you must take way more photos than that. How come I don’t get every picture you shoot? I’ll admit it: Not every picture I take at a wedding is good. I shoot rapidly to make sure I don’t miss any important moments. I’m constantly adjusting the camera, moving myself around, moving the subjects during portraits and trying different poses, angles and light. I spend a lot of time narrowing down thousands of photos to only the best of the best, so you don’t have to. 

What kind of editing do you do? For most photos, I use Adobe Lightroom and/or Photoshop to make minor adjustments to brightness, color, contrast and tone in order to provide you with clear, vivid, beautiful images. My preference is to send clients bright, colorful images that represent their event as accurately as possible. 

When will I get my photos? In order to provide you with the best product, I do at least minimal editing on every photo I send. That means it’ll take a little longer to get your pictures. For portraits, expect your photos in about 2-3 weeks; for weddings, expect them in about 12 weeks.

How come wedding photography is so expensive? Good question. The answer is complicated:

  • You’re not just paying me to take photos on your wedding day. For every hour I spend at a wedding, I spend up to 5 hours at my office processing, editing, cropping and adjusting your photos to make them look their absolute best, so you have beautiful images that will last a lifetime. 
  • You’re also paying for experience. I have more than 10 years of weddings under my belt – and that means when you hire Lemonade Photography, you’re getting a photographer with tons of experience that will help your wedding day go smoothly and ensure that you receive quality images and professional service. 
  • Photography equipment is expensive. Ever surfed Amazon for professional-quality digital SLR cameras? They aren’t cheap. Neither are lenses, flashes, lighting equipment, memory cards, computers and professional editing software and photo printing equipment. Then there’s maintenance and upkeep on all of the above. And quality shoes and clothes so I look professional and don’t injure myself on your wedding day. 
  • I also have to advertise. Even with the rise of social media and other free ways to reach the public, advertising costs money, too. 
  • I help support my family. In 2009 I quit my day job to pursue wedding photography full-time. That means that after the cost of equipment, advertising and clothing, I need to bring home enough income to help feed, house and clothe my family of 4. 
  • It’s art. The act of photography is a skill, with years of training and experience behind it. But the product is art. Every image I make is a unique, distinct work of art created by a master at the craft. My work is designed to bring beauty to your home and spark memories of one of the best days of your life. It’s hard to put a price on that. 
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