Featured wedding: Jennie and Glen

Late in July, I had another wonderful opportunity to shoot a wedding with tons of extra time for photography. Jennie and Glen devoted almost their entire day to an extra-long photo shoot. As great as it was, it wasn’t how they had originally envisioned their wedding day.


Jennie, Glen and all their wedding guests.

See that gorgeous back yard? The original plan was a small ceremony and reception at their lovely rural Tacoma home, a simple backyard wedding with home-cooked food and lots of friends and family. But a couple of weeks before their wedding, Jennie called to tell me that the big party was off. Overwhelmed by wedding planning stress, they cancelled the reception, uninvited their guests. They just wanted a simple ceremony officiated by a friend and witnessed only by me  and a few very important guests, and a few hours spent taking beautiful photos, as long as that was ok with me (it was definitely ok with me).


They decorated the back yard with photos in mind.

Jennie and Glen met in high school, drifted apart and got together a few years ago after reconnecting online. They each have adult daughters, who played important roles in their ceremony: Glen walked down the aisle flanked by his girls, and Jennie followed with her daughter close by her side.


Is this sweet or what?

After the very short ceremony, we caravanned across town to Chambers Bay, a spectacular golf course and park on Puget Sound. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Chambers Bay delivered tons of scenic viewpoints and interesting photo locations.


Like this



And this



Seriously, is there a bad view anywhere in this park?


After Chambers Bay, we hopped across town again to the Chinese Reconciliation Park on Ruston Way, where we caught some beautiful golden light as evening approached. What a wonderful way to spend a wedding day.


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