Featured wedding: Lindsay & Michael

Most of the time, I have to work very, very fast.

Wedding schedules are complicated. You have to squeeze hair and makeup and dressing and photos and vows and dinner and dancing and toasts and cake and so very many hugs and conversations and small moments of panic into your day. You are nervous and stressed and rushed and you barely have time to eat dinner. And there is never, ever enough time for your photographer to get all of the perfect images she envisions.

But sometimes, a perfect wedding comes along and I’m granted the gift of time.

It happened twice this summer, and this was the first. Lindsay and Michael split their wedding into two parts, a ceremony for their immediate families at Point Defiance in June, and a reception for everyone else in Walla Walla in September. I’ll share photos from the reception soon, but for now, I want to tell you about their ceremony and the two glorious hours they set aside just for photography.


We started with a sweet first look under an archway of pink roses, where Lindsay and Michael shared a romantic kiss. I’m present for a lot of those. In case you’re wondering: yes, it’s always a little bit awkward.  There I am, barely more than a stranger, hanging around on your wedding day and asking you to kiss, cuddle, pose, stare at each other longingly, and make it look natural. Forget I’m there. I know it can be weird, so I work very hard to make wedding-day portraits fun, funny and low-pressure.

From the first look, we embarked on an epic two-hour hike around Point Defiance in search of beautiful photo backgrounds. In peak growing season in this gorgeous park, it wasn’t hard. I shoot at Point Defiance a lot, and even I found some new places.

On a bridge over the pond

On a bridge over the pond


Under the eaves at the pagoda

Under the eaves at the pagoda


In the Japanese garden

In the Japanese garden

After the portraits, we met up with Lindsay and Michael’s families for a brief ceremony in the rose garden and some family portraits.




And then, just for fun, some bubbles (with help from Michael’s niece and nephew with bubble guns):


These two are the cutest. Watch this space for more photos from their reception soon.

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