Hilary & Kyle’s engagement session

A few weeks ago, I spent an idyllic Autumn morning exploring Fort Steilacoom Park with Hilary and Kyle at their engagement session. I’ve driven past the park many times, but never turned in before, so the acres of gorgeous waist-high grass, rustic old barns and big lake reflecting brilliant fall colors were a big surprise. I had so much fun with these two and I can’t wait for their wedding next summer!


Engagement sessions are usually the first time a couple works with me – and I know that for most couples, posing for pictures can be awkward at first. So I usually start by asking them to face each other and kiss, turning their attention away from the camera and onto each other. Sometimes I’ll give them a few pointers. Here I asked Hilary to pop her right heel and step toward Kyle, giving the pose a little movement and shape that looked better on camera. 


After the first few photos, most couples have relaxed enough to have some fun with their poses. I posed them with Kyle’s arm around Hilary but didn’t give any more direction – she did this on her own! I’ll admit I may have squealed a little at how perfectly this shot lined up. 


And then they changed clothes and we found BARNS! Photographers love barns. I don’t know why. 


We spent a lot of time at the barn.


Another barn photo. Because I can.


If anything comes a close second to a barn, it’s a rustic, moss-covered cinderblock wall overlooking a misty meadow – and backlit to boot! Seriously, what IS this park? I’m going to be shooting here a lot more after this.


We finished with cozy, blanket-wrapped kisses in that misty meadow. This might be my favorite engagement shoot of all time. Thanks Hilary and Kyle!

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